Saturday, February 27, 2010

High Fiber Foods

A question was asked at the last CrossFit gathering about which foods contain a high fiber content. 

According the the Paleo for Athletes book, here's what we've found.....

Refined Cereals have 6 grams of fiber.
Whole Grain Cereals have 24 grams of fiber.
Fruits contain 41 grams of fiber.
Non-Starchy Veggies are the highest, with 185 grams of fiber.

So, when you are looking for pre race/wod foods, stay away from non-starchy veggies and certain fruits. 

Things to put in your body pre workout or race: 
Starchy veggies such as yams, potatoes and sweet potatoes. 
Fruits with a lower fiber content; bananas, peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon. 
Protein from wild fish or eggs. 

*Remember, if you are following a Paelo diet, you want most of your diet to come from higher fiber foods, this is just pre race or workout foods. 

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