Wednesday, November 30, 2016

CrossFit Athletes in Telluride

At Telluride CrossFit we are very proud of every athlete in our gym that walks in the door and gives it their all each and every day to get healthier and stronger. I wanted to highlight a few athletes who inspire us all to try our best. They are young and wise, new and experienced, and just simply bad ass. 

Carol has been one of our most consistent athletes and a true hard worker. A few years ago she went to her 50 year high school class reunion with a sleeveless shirt to show off her arm muscles. Having never done any sports growing up (she said that they did not have any girl sports) she is right now in the best shape of her life. 

 Young guys Lang (above) and Carson (below) get their first ever muscle-up with very little practice. The key is to come to class as much as possible each week.  

535 pound front squat with so much weight we had to use rubber bands to keep the weight on. This drop-in athlete proved that 8,750 ft of elevation would not stop a PR.