Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dump your relationship with the band

Trampoline Pull-ins during the summer

Assisted Pull-ups during the winter

Unassisted Pull-ups before spring time

In the last three weeks we have seen great improvement with the athletes in our box. I would like call attention to our athletes who have decided to ditch the band and attempt pull-ups without assist. During the month of February, we were all witnesses as Joni Cheroske, Sarah Ives, Courtney Childe, Diana Mulligan, Katie Karow, Nicole Nugent, Blakely Stein, and Robin Jones challenged themselves to slow down their overall time and perform real pull-ups. Special shout out to Blakely and Robin who have decided to drop the bands completely. We have seen you work hard each day you come to our gym and we would like to congratulate you for achieving your goals. 

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