Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Couples Challenge 2012

Our high altitude athletes gear up for our 2nd annual Telluride CrossFit Valentines Day Couples Challenge. We had 8 couples compete for the honor of "Strongest Couple in Telluride" *. Couples competed in a total of 6 challenges over the course of 4 hours during a beautiful Colorado blue bird day. 

Part 1: Test you knowledge of your partner
 10 personal questions about the person you love the most. Questions included what is your partners favorite CrossFit movement and least favorite relative.  

Part 2 /3: Two CrossFit Partner Metcon Workouts from the Throwdown Series

Part 4: Snowman and Throwman (throw woman)

Throw a snowball through 3 hula hoops (20'women/30'men) then run 40 yards and build one section of a full size snowman. Repeat until all three parts of snowman are constructed. Snowman size must exceed the height of Teresa or Stephanie.

Part 5: Carry, Jump and Push

Husbands/boyfriends must carry wife/girlfriend 100 yards across knee deep snowfield. Next task is to perform 100 leap frog burpees over your partner. Last, the men hop into sleds and the women had to push them 50 yards to chain link fence. Watch out for those Ophir teams!

Part 6: Lover's Leap

5 different "romantic" positions played out in a fun game. 

Fantastic Finish

Three teams tied for first place (Jones, McChase, and White)
Tyler and Natalie took second
David and Anna finished third overall and had highest Partner Test score

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