Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Telluride Parkour Clinic

Last weekend we played like children for hours under the professional instruction of Ryan Ford and Erika Madrid. Telluride CrossFit hosted a parkour clinic through Apex Movement of Denver/Boulder. We had about 30 adults on Saturday and 30 kids on Sunday participate in our parkour clinics. Our athletes learned how to vault, flag, precision jump, lache, safety roll, and much more. It was a great experience and we hope to do this annually. Thanks so much for making the drive to Telluride!!!

 Ryan Ford demonstrates a proper flag

 Chris Capaldo performs a kong vault over a 5' mat

 Taemur holds the top position of a flag

 Kevin Ludwig soars over Amanda with a super high wall spin

Coach Teresa Brachle gets horizontal with a flag in her gym

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