Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moab Red Rock Relay

In May our CrossFit gym assembled two teams of athletes to compete in a 70 road running race around Moab, UT. Each runner covered about 12 miles of flats, steep uphill runs, long downhill descents, and epic cross-country running with a van assist. The race took us 9 hours for our first team and 9 and a half hours for our other team. Out of a total of 152 teams, our teams from Telluride took 5th and 19 overall.
Does CrossFit prepare you for the unknown and the unknowable? Is it true that CrossFit help an athlete to perform at about 85% of any sport or athletic event? Well, both of our teams finished in the top 87.5%. Most of the competitive teams were solid running teams. Our athletes were unable to run due to a late winter in Telluride. Our athletes trained CrossFit and it paid off huge. Hope to see more of our athletes at next years Moab Red Rock Relay.

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