Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Miranda, CrossFit games competitor

What a far cry from what used to be….

I used to want to be thin; now I proudly show off those lines in my shoulders and abs.

I used to want the pounds to decrease on the scale; now I watch them increase on the bar.
I used to exercise out of desperation; now I crave the feeling of a sub-5 Fran.
I used to eat for comfort, now I eat for fuel.
I used to do zumba, aerobics, random machines, i.e. waste my time; now I’m a Crossfitter.
I used to think being sweaty was gross; now I bask in hard-earned sweat angels.
I used to feel insecure about my physical capabilities; now I feel empowered.
I used to seek the attention of douche bags that also sought out the frail, skinny girl; now I’ve found the man that values and appreciates a strong woman.
I used to follow; now I lead.
I used to make excuses; now I show others how
to get rid of theirs.

I used to cave under pressure; now I know discipline.
I used to claim ignorance on nutrition; now knowledge is power.
I used to compare myself to all the other women around me; now I stand confidently, looking forward.
I used to dream of doing things; now I just do them.
I used to be limited; now I’m unstoppable.
This is my new definition and my perspective of what a beautiful, healthy, capable woman should be. I’ve been permanently rewired and never plan to go back. I don’t need to look like the girl on the cover… I’d rather know I could overhead squat her. What a far cry from what used to be….

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