Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rest Day

Congratulations to all of our Boot Campers for completing one month of CrossFit! We are very impressed at the amount of effort each of you has put into this program. Teresa, Kris, and I have really enjoyed coaching this group of ladies........and Bruce. Today the Boot Campers all completed a full 20 minutes of Cindy. Bruce, Lindsey, and Jodie did fantastic pull-ups. Push-ups were a breeze for Katie and Tiffany. Last and most impressive was Robin finishing 18 rounds of Cindy.

Although we typically take Thursdays off, we saw some great performances in our gym today. Justin VanSaugi and Mike Thurk did Fran for the first time. They both did the prescribed weight of 95 pounds for Thrusters. Justin finished his last pull-up of the workout at 6:47 and Thurk completed the workout at 11:30. Meanwhile, Kris Perpar did a deadlift of 195 pounds. That weight is almost twice her body weight!


CrossFit Telluride said...

Cindy for Boot Camp

Lindsey 12 rounds
Bruce 13 rounds
Jodie 14 rounds
Katie 14 rounds
Tiffany 16 rounds
Robin 18 rounds

*Bruce was the only person with unsupported pull-ups. It seemed like everyone at some point went to their knees for push-ups.

Tiffany said...

Thanks guys for making it a great experience...also for getting us hooked!