Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Telluride CrossFit Partner Challenge 2011


Cardiovascular Endurance: Complete a 4 mile CrossFit course
Stamina: Be the first to finish with your partner
Flexibility: Yoga Poses
Coordination: Spaghetti Tower
Strength and Power: Lift weight from Ground to Overhead
Agility: Ladder Run
Balance: Slack Line
Accuracy: Target Practice with Sling Shot
Speed: Do all of the above as fast as possible

(1) Chris Norton and Chris Chase
(2) Jeff Shannon and Mark Neyens
(3) Dimitri Merill and Andrei Spinei

(1) Amanda Strudevant and Lacy Carlson (sisters)
(2) Tiffany Osborne and Chris Capaldo
(3) Amber Merill and Courtney Childe

(1) Thad and Mckenzie Eshelman
(2) Becca and Narcis Tudor
(3) Joel Nelson and Dodi Koeinsgmark

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Telluride CrossFit said...

Big thanks to everyone who competed today and all of our great volunteers. We had a blast watching everyone complete all of the challenges.