Monday, October 10, 2011

Paleo Challenge starts TODAY!!!

Pictures are due early this week. Have us take them when you come to the gym or take a front, side, and back shot at home. Look at the six week results from this athlete below. This is a picture of someone who did not "win" the contest, although he looks much better in the after picture. Show some discipline for six weeks and achieve greater strength, lose fat, recover faster, trim your waist line, sleep better, and have more energy just by eating real foods.


Telluride CrossFit said...

I felt much better on the Paleo Diet than my traditional candy bar, soda, and pizza diet. The first two weeks are really difficult as you take crack (sugar) out of your system. Stick with it and stay strong. After the challenge I had no idea that my body had gone through such a dramatic change. I am really glad that we did mandatory before and after pictures so that I could see my six week progress. -Andrew

Makenzie said...

Did you spray tan for the second pic?? Just wondering:)

Telluride CrossFit said...

No spray. Just the glow of Paleo!