Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Glenwood Springs Summer Team Challenge 2013

On August 7 athletes from our gym traveled to Glenwood Springs to compete in a team competition. The event started with a triathalon in which two athletes had to swim 2000 meters together, a biker biked 7.8 miles, and the runner ran 3.5 miles. The next event was a strength event composed of a max effort clean or snatch.  Next, each team had to do a floater cuplet of sled push and box step-ups with kettlebells. Last, each team performed a sprint workout and then went immediately into a  relay workout. Our athletes worked hard, hit personal records on big lifts, and gave it their all. We had a blast and will be back again next year. 

Masters Team: Robin Jones, Kevin Jones, Stephannie VanDamme, and Lee Roufa

Open Team: Joel Nelson, Heather Kelley, Andrew Brachle, Rachel from Glenwood

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