Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pound for Pound, She is the Fittest Around

Teresa Brachle, co-owner of Telluride CrossFit and Gymnastics, competed in the Lodo CrossFit Open Pound for Pound Challenge and took first place in the Women's division. 

The Pound for Pound competition was unlike other CrossFit competitions, as the weight amounts were based on percentages of each person's body weight rather than a set number for everyone across the board.

In the challenge, competitors from all over the state did 4 workouts throughout the day. Then the top six competitors advanced and competed in a final workout to determine the winner. The first workout asked the competitors to do 5 clean and jerks (getting the barbell from the ground to overhead) at 65% of their body weight and 10 pull-ups. They repeated this for 10 minutes. Not only did Teresa beat the rest of the women by over 40 reps, she was second overall. Only 3 pull-ups separated her and the top male athlete. 

Other events included max back squats, ring dips, dead lifts, rowing and a one mile run. In the last workout, Teresa beat her competition by minutes rather than seconds making her "pound for pound, the fittest around!"

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