Thursday, February 3, 2011



1. Movement, as toward a goal; advance.
2. Development or growth
I believe success in CrossFit is rooted in our tiny victories and recognition in our individual Progress. For each athlete progress is very personal and unique; constantly changing and yet mind-numbingly repetitive.
Where does Progress lie: In speed or strength? Weight gained or lost? Perhaps. But often overlooked are all the personal achievements made along the way:
Could you not do an unassisted pushup/situp/squat/pullup when you first began working out? Did you begin by stepping up to the smallest box and are you now jumping? Has your flexibility increased? Do you find yourself energized and more confident? Double-unders: A skill that once stymied so many in our gym has been tamed, with many athletes doing 10 or more consecutively. Looking over times for Grace, it blows my mind that most athletes are dropping time and adding weight. In some cases people are cutting their times in HALF. We as coaches are all extremely impressed, proud, (nervous?) about how well all of you are doing. Take stock in your achievements because we each are quick to neglect this important aspect of CrossFit.
All this progress must mean that things will soon be getting easier;
They will not. By design, CrossFit punishes for progress. You will lift heavier weight, faster, which will make improvement harder to achieve and not guaranteed. While incredibly inspiring, drops in benchmark times will not always happen and athletes will fight to shave seconds off their PR. But those seconds will be so, so sweet…
Your improved strength and speed will not allow for more rest or slack. As you continue to shed weakness, WOD’s will continue to be challenging and we will continue to ask for your all. Embrace these challenges and move confidently through them.
Continue to use small victories to catapult you towards your own success and do not forget to reminisce on all the progress that you have all made since the beginning. It will get you through all 30 minutes, on the minute.

by Mike Thurk